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Fertilizers (Water Soluble, Dry, Slow Release)

Daniels Plant Food
Sherman TX
Florikan, (Nutricote)
Sarasota FL
Frit Industries
Ozark AL
Growth Products Ltd.
White Plains NY
Harrell's Custom Fertilizers
Lakeland FL
Howard Fertilizer Inc.
Orlando FL
Ironite Products
Scottsdale AZ
JR Peters Inc. (Original Peters Fertilizer)
Allentown PA
Myron L Company
Carlsbad CA
Scotts Co. (Peters & Osmocote Fertilizer)
Marysville OH
Woodburn Fertilizer Inc.
Woodburn OR

Biological Stimulants

Fertilizer Application Equipment

Siphoning/Injector Devices

Clearwater FL
H.E. Anderson
Muskogee, OK
Mazzei Injector Corp.
Bakersfield CA

Nutrient Monitoring Equipment

Nutrient Monitoring Services

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