Nursery Supplies - Greenhouse Coverings
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Nursery Supplies - Greenhouse Coverings

Film Manufacturers

Agro Dynamics (Oerleman's Plastic)
AT Plastics, (Durafilm)
Ontario CAN
Green Tek
Edgerton WI
Klerk's Plastic Products
Richburg SC
Polymer Plastics Corporation
Mtn. View, CA
Tyco Plastics (Tufflite)
Portsmouth, NH
Warp's, (Flex-O-Glass)
Chicago IL

Film Distributors

Manufacturers above can provide you a list of distributors.

Non-Film Covering Materials

Co-Ex Corp.
Wallingford CT
Green Tek
Edgerton WI
Polygal USA
Jamesville WI
Sabic Plastics (Lexan)
Ontario CAN
Sabic Polymershapes (Flexlite)

Interior and Exterior Shading Materials

Atlas Greenhouse Systems, Inc.
Bonar Technical Fabrics
Continental Products Co. (Kool Ray Ultra)
Euclid OH
CP Enterprises
Apopka FL
Cravo Equipment
Ontario CAN
DeWitt Company Inc.
Gintec Shade Technologies (Aluminet)
Ontario CAN
Green Tek
Edgerton WI
LV Svensson Shading (Revolux)
Mardenkro, Netherlands (ReduSol Shading)
PAK Unlimited
Cornelia GA, 30531
SI Corp. (Lumite Shade)
Chattanooga TN
Solar Sun, (Sun Clear)
Setauket NY

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